Personal Swim Training

                         Personal Performance Planning & Strategy Training

The Personal Swim Performance Training program aims to increase a swimmer's efficiency, power, and performance.
The objectives of the program include:

• Identify specific stroke mechanic strengths and challenges and apply techniques to improve performance.
• Examine the principles of efficient stroke mechanics.
• Develop a personalized continuous improvement plan based on each swimmer's goals including their ability, potential, and skill development.

Member/Program Member

1 Session Individual $65/hour$75/hour

4 Session Individual$60/hour $70/hour

8 Session Individual$55/hour$65/hour

1 Session Semi-private (2 people)$90/hour $100/hour

4 Session Semi-private (2 people) $85/hour $95/hour

8 Session Semi-private (2 people)$80/hour  $90/hour

  Program Member  Fee $50.00