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Keawawa Wetlands 

the Oahu Club

Keawawa is a spring-fed estuarine wetland and connected to Kuapa Pond. The wetland provides habitat for indigenous 'auku'u (black-crowned night heron), endemic pinao (giant green darner dragonfly), various species of native damselflies, and the critically endangered 'alae'ula (Hawaiian moorhen) which holds an important spot in Hawaiian folklore as the bird that told Maui the secret of fire. This beautiful scene is the backdrop to our grassy event area, and can be viewed by our members as they exercise in our fitness room.


"Each little wetland pocket helps to maintain the well-being and genetic diversity of wetland species in Hawaii." - Ron Walker


Visit Livable Hwaii ai Hui's Site

Learn about our conservation efforts, and spend some time helping the land.

Workday volunteers will help with two practices:

1) Pull weeds

2) Hand removal of invasive shrubs along the wetland


Mauka side of Hawaii Kai Drive, close to Keahole Street. Look for the banners on the fence.


Note: Limited supply of work gloves and tools, so please bring what you can. Highly recommended you bring closed shoes, sunscreen, a hat, long pants, and a refillable container/water bottle.

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