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The Oahu Club

Oahu Club Junior Development Program

Home of the OC Warriors!


Maximize each child’s full potential through a fun and nurturing environment.

Core Values

  1. Have FUN.

  2. LEARN to PLAY Tennis.

  3. Develop an ATHLETE first, tennis player second.

  4. Teach LIFE SKILLS through tennis.


✔ Develop a love for the game by making tennis FUN FIRST

  • Fun starts with fun coaches. OC coaches create the type of atmosphere that makes children smile and want to keep coming back.

  • Fun means not waiting in line. Kids stay engaged at OC and this separates us from other sports.

  • Fun means success. Improvement is dramatically increased with the use of modified courts and equipment.

  • Fun is playing and competing in a team environment first.


✔ Create a safe environment where all children can learn and progress

  • Surround kids with positive instructors who serve as role models.

  • Reward effort over ability.

  • Inspire and challenge kids to want to learn more.

  • Learn by playing the game.


✔ To improve in tennis--improve as an athlete

  • Take time during each clinic to work on athletic skills.

  • Make sure that kids stay active all the time (no waiting in lines!).

  • Developing better athletic skills means a healthier child.


✔ Teach life skills through Tennis

  • Honesty and Integrity are the foundations for life and tennis.

  • Independence and self-confidence are developed through decision making on court.

  • Communication and cooperation are required during every class.

  • Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of all competition

Oahu Club High Performance Program

To develop the Whole Child – focus on an all-around person and complete tennis game.

Core Values

  1. Discipline

  2. Effort

  3. Academics

  4. Sportsmanship


✔ Practice and Play At, Above and Below your level.

  • Practice with a variety of levels so you can play defense, offense, and learn to battle.

  • Play tournaments where you are expected to win some matches, almost all matches, or thankful to win one match.

  • Experience intense pressure, low pressure, and in between.

✔ Focus on Improvement first, then Performance, then Results.

  • Improvement is a Practice Focus. Focus is on skill acquisition, skill refinement, and skill application.

  • Performance is a Playing Focus. Goal is to continually improve the level of performance, not focus on results.

✔ Keep the Balance between tennis, academics and family.

  • Academics are the first priority and the main vehicle for college acceptance.

  • Must have respect for family priorities that in intervals, will take precedence over all tennis activities.

  • Tennis is the third most important aspect of the child’s life after academics and family commitments.

✔ Teach Life Skills Through Tennis

  • Honesty and Integrity are the foundations for life and tennis.

  • Hard work is the number one prescription for success.

  • Take responsibility for all of your actions

  • Do the right thing, no shortcuts, for long-term success.


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