The Oahu Club

Swim Lessons

The Oahu Club Swimming Lessons are dedicated to providing a fun, safe and educational approach to inspire people of all ages to be water safe.  We look to create an environment where everyone can learn and enjoy the benefits of swimming as well is increase self confidence. We offer a variety of classes to meet every parents need. From private lessons, group classes, and personal swim training, you can find it all at The Oahu Club.

Response from a satisfied customer

"Your swim lessons program is great! My boys took lessons at another site for years but never made much progress. This is our second session and I am so happy with the progress. This is a very goal oriented program" 


We offer both group and private lessons year-round for children and adults. Private lessons are one on one. Group lessons are one instructor to a maximum of four students.

Private 15 minute lessons; children 18 months to 7 years old.
Private 30 minute lessons; ages 8 to Adult.
Group Lessons - 30 minutes; children age 4 and over.
Lessons are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Current Session:  May 8th-July 16th  Make up week July 10th-July 16th
Prorated after starting date

Our Swim Lessons have Six Levels of Learning designed to keep our students on a consistent track of learning and progressing.

Level 1  - OPIHI  
Introduction to water skills - Students first time in lessons or for those who are not yet comfortable in the water.

Level 2 - HONU
Fundamental Water Skills – Students are able to blow bubbles and put face in the water.  Are willing to swim with instructor and are comfortable floating on front and back assisted.

Level 3 - HUMU
Stroke Development – Students are comfortable with face in the water.  Can swim freestyle unassisted for 5 meters, able to float on back and stomach unassisted, can role over and float after streamlining from the wall, streamline back and front kick, and knows basic water safety (knows how to yell for help and what someone in danger looks like).

Level 4 - AHI
Stroke Improvement – Students who are able to swim 15 meters unassisted freestyle, are able to swim backstroke and beginning breaststroke and butterfly kick.  Students can swim to the bottom of the pool and know what to do when someone needs help in the water.

Level 5 - MAHI
Stroke Refinement – Students are able to swim 25 meters unassisted freestyle and backstroke, are able to swim coordinated breaststroke and beginning butterfly.  Students can tread water for at least 30 seconds.

Level 6 - NAI’A
Advanced – Students who have mastered freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke and are able to swim butterfly 15 meters, and are able to swim 50 meters continuous unassisted and can tread water for at least 60 seconds.

Please call the Oahu Club at 395-3300 to sign up today!